Carer Support

There are approximately six million Carers in the UK.  1.5 million Carers do caring tasks for more than 50 hours a week [which equates to] a full time workforce larger than the entire NHS.

If you care for a friend or relative on a regular basis we can support you.

464315369We offer:

  • one-to-one support: we understand that each person has individual needs. We can provide a listening ear taking the time to understand your personal circumstances and provide information and advice
  • fun, friendly outings for a chance to socialise, meet new people and explore the local area
  • a Carers Support Group in Teignmouth offering advice and support in a friendly atmosphere.  This is open to all Carers, regardless of who you care for, whether a partner, parent or even friend or neighbour.  It is held on the last Wednesday of every month (except December), from 2-4pm at Bitton House.
  • if you care for someone with memory issues, you may also be interested in our Memory Cafes and Dementia Support Service.

What is a carer?

A Carer is a person of any age – adult or child – who provides unpaid support to a partner, child, relative or friend.  otherwise they would not manage to live independently, or whose health or wellbeing may deteriorate without this help.  This may be due to frailty, disability or a serious health condition, mental ill health or substance misuse.

Three in five people in the UK will become Carers at some point in their lives

You may not consider yourself to be a Carer, as you may feel it falls under your role of mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend or relative.  It is important to know that there is help available to you and that you are not alone.

You may have suddenly found yourself caring for a friend or relative following an accident or sudden illness.  You may also have been getting gradually more involved in the care of a loved one following a long period of illness.  Whatever the circumstances, help and support can be sought.  You are not alone, call us, we may be able to help you.

Caring for someone can be challenging, and it is important to take care of yourself as well.  There is evidence to suggest that despite the positive aspects of caring for a loved one, Carers often experience poor health, isolation and loss of social interaction.  Levels of increased stress are all too often apparent, so do not hold back in seeking the support you need.



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